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Colorado FileMaker Developer

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Cutting Edge Technical Expertise

Jim Hickam FileMaker Denver Coloardo

Hickam Helps Companies Push Their Data Around

The owner, Jim Hickam, works directly with customers. As a Certified Colorado FileMaker Developer in versions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 he offers current, state-of-the-art know how.

HDS has technology partners that add benefit as needed. When necessary, HDS works with technology partners who are expert in various technologies such as Salesforce.com, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and other technologies. These technology partners are there to protect clients from data and development loss- not to interfere with the process by creating development issues.

“Easy to Work with” Approach

Having worked with over 500 businesses (in various ways) over the last 30 years, HDS has a better initial understanding of almost any business. This business context awareness means less ramp-up time is required than with programmers who may have little, if any, business experience.

By using analogy and non-technical descriptions, we better communicate the issue at hand. This approach helps clients better understand lengthy and boring technical explanations of issues relative to their solution. By being readily available to the client and by making use of written non-technical explanations and screen shot videos, the client reaches a higher level of understanding resulting in a higher level of success. Less ramp-up time is required.

Budget Driven Pricing

HDS clients find that our solutions pay for themselves very quickly due to the tremendous improvements in their processes. Regardless of the size of the project, company, or budget, HDS is committed to achieving complete satisfaction from concept to completion. For examples of work created by HDS ask for a screen share or meeting.