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Hickam Data Solutions designs, builds, supports, converts, upgrades, and integrates FileMaker Pro and FileMaker driven web sites. These solutions are created and supported for office networks, as well as for individuals, groups, and businesses who wish to track and analyze their information locally and/or remotely. Hickam Data Solutions can help upgrade or improve an existing system, build an application to meet a new business need, or develop a commercial software application. Please us the contact box at right to begin the process OR CALL US AT (303) 873-0388!

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Interested in Creating Your Own Custom Software?

Our approach is to step you through the process in a straight forward, non-technical way but in a way that enables a technical professional to make extensive use of the information you create.

Colorado FileMaker
We have developed a simple method that has helped many of our customers make the process of software development easier. We share this approach via a white paper entitled, Planning a Database. It includes “need to know” information to help you with the initial planning process. Good luck! let us know if we can help!
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